When life gives you lemons, squeeze them until you feel less stressed

I swear my life is cursed. It’s either that or someone is playing a really mean trick on me. This time, when I received bad news, I didn’t allow myself to cry. I accepted it and tried to figure out what steps were next.

The neck and back pain that I have been experiencing for months has now been proven to my doctor’s that my pain is not made up.

I complained about the horrible pain in my hands, and it turned out my RA had done damage to them. I complained about my atrocious neck and back pain, and I have been told that I have multiple herniated discs and ruptured discs, nonetheless a neck with spinal lordosis and a back with a curvature (scoliosis). 

I was told to see an orthopedist. That’s where I am at. My pain is real. Everything I have ever described have evidence to back it up. I’m just lucky that I finally have a rheumy that is thorough and listens to what I am saying and not passing it off as all being mental.

I was in my primary doctor’s office today and when she was reading through all of medications to make sure they were up to date, I was in disbelief. When you see it on paper, it is a lot different than taking your doses and barely paying attention. How have I gotten to the point where starting on one medicine a couple of years ago is now a long list? That’s right–dealing with chronic illness involves so much more than they ever tell you in the beginning. They don’t explain that your conditions can really take a toll on your mental state, nor do they explain that there are so symptoms you will experience and not one magic pill to cure them all.

I am not quite sure what these newly found spinal problems might bring, but I need help…and fast. 

On a side note–my life seems meaningless ever since I quit my job due to my health. Has anyone partnered with any type of chronic illness organizations? Just looking to find some meaning in all of this. 

Sending everyone healing thoughts. 


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