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Explain Myself Again Or No?

I find it devastatingly rude when people decide to give someone with a chronic illness advice on something that they are never around to witness.  I will not get into specifics, but I will say that one day I might implode from keeping shit inside.  Just because I am not dealing with visible diseases does… Continue reading Explain Myself Again Or No?

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Lots On My Mind

It’s 12:30 A.M. right now.  I should be sleeping, and I don’t know why I am still awake. It has been two days now that I have just had so many different things on my mind, bothering me and really just getting on my nerves. First and foremost, I just think it is so important for… Continue reading Lots On My Mind

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Thank You For Giving Me A Voice

Today the website  TheMighty published my fourth article that I have written about my personal journey with chronic illness/invisible illness.  I cannot express enough gratitude to them for giving me a voice, for being able to speak for thousands of others who go through the same stuff as me daily.  It makes me feel like I… Continue reading Thank You For Giving Me A Voice